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noun- the spiritual or immaterial part of a human being or animal, regarded as immortal.

"Every once in a while you have to cleanse your soul." 

This week's post is about soul. Not the music genre soul. I used the gif, because it's amazing. First of all that woman is getting it and the man in the did his head not roll off?

What I'm talking about is the soul within. Every Sunday I try to have a Super Soul Sunday x ten. I use Sundays to dig deep and ground myself for the upcoming week.


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A typical Sunday starts off with me playing Stevie Wonder and lighting some candles. Mr. Wonder just lifts my spirit and puts me in a good mood. Then I start cleaning my room. Nine times out of ten I wake up on Sunday morning surrounded by a mess. This is because it looks like a tornado ran through my room every time I get dressed. After I've cleaned my room I take the longest bubble bath known to man, candles included. Next is my twelve hour skin care routine. If there is any a day to do my  elaborate routine it's Sunday.

Anything that helps me relieve stress gets done on Sunday. Once my face, body, and room are super clean, I eat. . .clean. My favorite thing to make on Sundays is a green smoothie. Sunday isn't Sunday if I don't have a kale smoothie. I eat my Sunday brunch while watching Oprah's Super Soul Sunday. I know I know, It's cliché and cheesy. S triple threat is where I get my weekly words of wisdom. I complete my soulful Sundays with a mindful meditation.