noun- free time.

"What do you do for leisure?"

Cinema has a special place in my heart. I've been a movie buff for most of my life, but I have never owned it.The more movies I watch the harder it becomes to find something to watch on Netflix. Let's face it there's nothing to live for if you can't find anything to watch on Netflix.

I'm kidding if you can't find anything on Netflix scroll over to Hulu. If that doesn't work then I guess there's always cable. This week's topic is not actually about bad habits. It is about my love for movies. Watching movies is a way I connect with my father and aunt. Every year my father and I sit down and watch the movies nominated for awards.   


Glory - My father’s favorite movie is Glory. Which is pretty convenient considering it comes on all the time. My dad has been in the army since the late 80s. The movie is about the military’s first black soldiers



Makes a lot of since why it’s his favorite.


The Dallas Buyers Club - The best movie I have seen with my mother is the Dallas Buyers Club. This movie was about the main character is trying to find a cheaper and healthier treatment for AIDS after being diagnosed with the disease himself.


Get Out - Get Out is my favorite movie for multiple reasons. I think the storyline is great. It has a lot of symbolic meaning to it. Plus the sound track is great.


Trading Spaces - Trading spaces is my mother’s favorite movie. When I asked her why she said she liked the concept of the movie. 



Sierra Morris