Break pt.2

This is how my morning began... I woke up from a night on the town and got ready to leave for the airport. My group was the last to leave the home we were staying at. Since it was past noon we had missed the breakfast menu at nearly every restaurant we thought of. So instead of getting chicken and waffles as my last meal in Tennesee, I settled for an egg scramble at Bar Louie.  

Right after that meal I took this picture: 


Right after this picture I was dropped off at the airport. I showed up two hours early because I wanted to make sure I did not miss my flight. Little did I know, I had nothing to worry about. 


My plane eventually arrived at C 11, but no one ever boarded. We waited a total of seven hours for the airline to tell us the flight was canceled. Apparently, a bird flew into the engine of the plane as it was landing. The airport did not know if it was safe enough to fly so they canceled the flight. Safety first of course, but everyone at the gate was heated. My main concern was making sure I had a place to stay. The airline set me up in a hotel and gave me food vouchers for all of the trouble.  Below are the chicken & waffles I got with my voucher. I'm no "Home Alone", but I was pretty close this Thanksgiving break. 

TravelSierra Morris