A person's wellness can determine a lot about them. Last year I was scoring negative zero on the wellness meter. Ya girl was stressed beyond belief. I was always doing something school related and never took anytime for myself. I did not realize how stressed out I was until the entire left side of face started to twitch. The twitching started in early January, but I paid it no mind. 


noun- the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.

"Self-care is a major part of wellness." 

It would start at night and would stop by the time I woke up the next day. I thought the twitching was due to a vitamin deficiency. Then one week in March, it happened late at night and keep happening for three days straight. At that point, I thought I had early onset multiple sclerosis. I freaked out and started planning out the last years of my life. ( people live years with m.s. I am just extremely dramatic.) I called my mom and told her about my WebMD diagnosis and she told me to go to the doctor. The doctor checked me out and told me my facial muscles were fatigued. He prescribed that I stay away from television and computer screens. He also told me to get some sleep. I should have known I was worn out. I looked like finals week every single day of the week. 

Post face-twitch, I have done more to make wellness a top priority.  Every day, I try to do something to release stress. Sometimes I journal or take a long bath. Other days I work out. My personal favorite is cooking or creating things. These are my forms of self-care. What are yours?

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