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As a reporter I act as a bridge between the voiceless and the those in power. 


       While reporting at the television station I produced an in-depth piece on the uprooting of black businesses in downtown Columbia, Missouri. My story focused on why there is a disparity of minority-owned businesses in the area. With personal interviews from a long time jewelry store owner and a city official, I dove into the complexities and tribulations of being a successful black business downtown. 

       This feature engaged and connected me to my passion for storytelling. As a person of color, I have grappled with how my community is often misconstrued in the media. This story highlighted the value of my perspective in the newsroom. The ability to promote this piece demonstrated the importance of suppressed voices being represented in stories and present during the framing process. The aptitude and skill set that I have acquired through my coursework has fashioned my ability as a future asset to the team at CNN's Documentary Unit.


No matter the time of day, I'm out getting the story.