Rated Black


“I Am not your Negro,” was a great film. I was not sure what to expect when walking into the dim lit hipster movie theater known as Rag tag. The only thing I knew about the movie was it was about James Baldwin, and the only thing I knew about him was he was a black writer and instrumental piece during the civil rights era. I think the movie made you think. There was really no reason for it to be a movie. I could see myself reading the script and having to analyze what was said. I will say the visual element was complementary. Weaving of old speeches and random footage of the three figures covered worked well. The movie kind of made me obsessed with Baldwin. Like when you discover something new a new song and you listen to it over and over until its worn weary. In eighth grade I discovered Prince and I have not been the same since.  That is how I feel about James Baldwin. I have always been intrigued by him. He was different than his counterparts. I knew this always. The movie just confirmed it. I have never felt that white people are evil. I have never been against the police. In terms of class it has never mattered to me what someone socioeconomic status. However, I am not indifferent and have never been silent in the face of injustice. James Baldwin was the same. He did not have an extreme in which he believed. But he was voiced when it came to the issues of America.

Sierra Morris