The Tale of Two Women

I have always had a hard time combining all of my interest. I love to be creative, however, the television anchoring world is not all that artsy right now. I am currently trying to find a way to combine my love for news and creative thoughts. I cannot count how many conversations I have had about the different changes that should be taking place in the news. I feel like the news world is following old procedures, but they are producing less than mediocre news. My thoughts to change this would be having more engaging news. Tweets and Instagram post are cool, but I still think they are missing a personal touch. When a news story can put you in someone else's shoes is when I think the reporter has done their job. That is when viewers start to care. This is the kind of news I would love to produce, but often I find myself questioning the value of my work. Through these weekly blogs, I hope to build my reporting skills and release my creativity. 

Sierra Morris